Direction of Ministry

In our most humble understanding of Scripture and the spirit of Acts 15, “it seemed good to the Holy Spirit and to us” to direct our ministry in the following manner:

• Evergreen Bible Church exists to grow upward in worship, inward in commitment, and outward in evangelism. All of our ministries fall under the scrutiny of this three-fold purpose.

• Conservative Christianity with a Spirit of Grace – We desire to hold to a conservative view of Scripture and lifestyle while maintaining a spirit of grace in the areas where Scripture is not clear. In other words, we desire to “major on the majors and minor on the minors.” We acknowledge that within our church family various views will exist, but we are determined to be gracious to one another.

• We graciously teach the following biblical distinctives:

o A seven 24-hour literal day view of creation,
o A dispensational understanding of Scripture,
o A pre-tribulational rapture of the church, a premillennial
return of Christ to Earth, a literal 1,000 year kingdom, and
a future for Israel,
o An understanding of salvation where both the sovereignty
of God and the free will of man are not in contradiction,
o The security of believers,
o That the revelatory gifts of the Holy Spirit are not
normative for today, and
o Baptism by immersion.

• We desire to have an intergenerational ministry with all generations worshipping side-by-side at our gatherings. Thus, we intentionally choose a blended worship style using the best songs from all generations as we worship in a tasteful and modest manner.

• We desire to reach all sub-culture groups within our local community, and are open to using methods to reach them that do not take away from the message of the gospel.

• We desire to keep missions at the forefront of our ministry individually and corporately. Thus, we desire to have missions be a significant part of our overall budget. We dream of sending our own members on short term mission trips and being a sending church of long term missionaries giving them 25 % of their support. We desire to partner with missionaries who are theologically conservative and agree with our statement of faith and direction of ministry.

• We desire to work alongside other local churches of like faith (see Statement of Faith) to strive for unity and most effectively reach the lost. We also desire to work alongside our community in mercy ministries such as food pantries, pregnancy centers, disaster relief, etc.

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