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The Evergreen Community Center at 113 Ellsworth Avenue in Marietta is available for use. Below is the Building Use policy. If you agree with our policy, please fill out the Request to Use form found below.

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Evergreen Facility Use Policy

(Non-Evergreen Family)

Groups and individuals desiring to use the church facilities must get approval from an elder, deacon, or staff member.

Groups and individuals using the church facilities must be responsible for the property to insure that:

o   All items, equipment, and areas used are left in the same condition and placement as they were found.

o   Any damage to property will be repaired and/or replaced by the group or individuals to meet the satisfaction of EBC.

Any organization, group, or individual approved for usage of any part of the church facilities, at any time, must assume full responsibility for any damage to the property and injury to individuals of their party while on the church premises.  The group or any members or participants in the activity will not, in any way hold Evergreen Bible Church or related members liable because of such an injury, death, damage to, and loss of their property.

Groups and individuals approved for using the church facilities must observe the following standards at all times when on church property:

o   Alcoholic beverages must not be brought onto the property.

o   Smoking and the use of tobacco products are prohibited on church property.

o   Parties are to refrain from profanity and swearing.

o   Individual members of parties must not be dressed in an immodest or immoral fashion.

o   Behavior (E.g., certain music, certain dances, etc. contrary to EBC’s Statement of Faith and Direction of Ministry are prohibited (documents available upon request).

EBC reserves the right to terminate the use of the facilities by any approved organization or persons whenever the said organization or person would violate established guidelines or in any conduct themselves in a manner not in the best interest of EBC, its purpose, philosophy, or standards.

Events that provide childcare or adult supervision of minors must require proper screening including background checks.

Prior to the date of use, all Users must do a walkthrough of the building and complete the User Agreement.

There must be adult supervision in the building at all times.

Organizations using the facilities must provide their own insurance and complete the Certificate of Insurance Request Form.

Keys will not be given out to organizations or groups outside of EBC except in the event of ongoing (E.g. weekly) usage.  Outside groups or individuals will hire an EBC representative to open and close the building.

Individuals, families, and groups from the community must agree to pay the following fees:  $20.00 Recovery Fee (utilities, bathroom supplies, etc.), $20.00 Opening and Closing Fee, and $30.00 Custodian Fee for limited building access or a $50.00 Custodian Fee for full building access.


Request to Use Facility Form

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