Series on the Life of Abraham

“ Father Abraham”
“The Call of God and Response of Abraham” – Gen 11:38-12:4
“The Devastating Effects of Our Best Thinking” – Gen 12:4-20
“Choosing God’s Glory and Another’s Desires Over My Desires”
Genesis 13:5-18
“Choosing to Recognize God Most High as the True Deliverer” Genesis
“Taking Our Questions to God” Genesis 15:1-6
“The God Who Sees Me” Genesis 16:1-6
“Are We Waiting on God or Is God Waiting on Us” Genesis 16:1-16
“El Shaddai” Genesis 17:1
“God’s Gracious Repetition of His Promises” Genesis 18:1-15
“What We Do When We Do Not Understand God” Genesis 18:16-33
“The Evil of Not Valuing Life” Genesis 19:1-29
“The Power of Old Temptations and the Rescue of Our Faithful God”
Genesis 20:1-18
“Wait No Longer!” Genesis 21:1-7
“Dealing with Consequences of Our Sins” Genesis 21:8-13
“Dealing with Consequences of Others’ Sins: When God Reveals What
Was Already There” Genesis 21:14-21
“Preparing for Expected & Unexpected Trials” Genesis 21:22-34
“Still Able to Raise Him Up, Even from the Dead.”  Genesis 22:1-5
“When God Says ‘Let Go'”, Genesis 22:1-12
“Letting God Write Our Story, Lessons from the Life of Abraham”

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